Commissions and Pricing
Commissions Status: CLOSED
This page is designed to be used as an easy way to contact me for commissions. However, you can also use this form to simply contact me if you wish to comment on my work.
I know this is a lot of information, but if you wish to make a commission request, please take the time to review all of it.

Commission Guidelines

  • No Children - I will only draw pics of characters who are obviously post pubescent and appear "grown-up". I am willing to attempt adult versions of young characters.
  • Privacy and Discretion - All commission client information will be private and not discussed with anyone else. Your commission, once paid for, is your property. You may redistribute it when and wherever you like, though I do ask that you keep my artist signature intact.
  • Public or Private commissions - I do like to post my commissions on this site, but will not post the name of the client anywhere and commissioned artwork can also be kept private at the client's request. If you wish to make a commission private (meaning you do not want me to post the artwork), you need to inform me of this in advance. Private commissions may cost more than public ones.
  • The No-No's - There are many things I just don't want to draw, most of them I can't even think of to list. Here are just a few: Scat/defecation, vomit, male/male action, and much more that I've never even thought of, I'm sure. If you have an idea in mind that doesn't fit into this list of banned subjects, contact me and we'll discuss. The general rule is that it never hurts to ask. The worst that can happen is that I say no. There may be some cases, depending on context, that I am willing to bend or break a rule.
  • The Semi-No-No's - There are many things that I do not prefer to see or draw, but I will be willing to draw at a slightly increased price, to make up for my reluctance to draw them. These include, but are not limited to, dickgirls, hermaphrodites, solo nude males, and activities involving animals. The general rule is that it never hurts to ask. The worst that can happen is that I say no. There may be some cases, depending on context, that I am willing to bend or break a rule.
  • What characters? - I generally draw a lot of comic book characters, but I also do a fair amount of cartoon characters as well. I will draw just about any pre-established character, from anime to video games to cartoons to comics to anthros to robots to real celebrities. I will not do pictures of "real people", but I will do pics of celebrities or a celeb as a character from a movie. For instance, I will not draw a picture of your wife of girlfriend in a Princess Leia costume, but I will draw a picture of Princess Leia (using Carrie Fisher as a guide). I'm also fine with drawing any original characters you may have, provided you can give me sufficient reference material or design information.
  • Be descriptive - You don't have to have an incredibly in-depth idea of your pic, but I need you to let me know what you want in your pic. I try to eliminate any sort of wastes of time on the front end. So let me know if you have a specific pose in mind or some other details you may want me to include.
  • Time frame - I will let you know in a reply email approximately how long I feel it will take for me to do your commission. Completion time varies based on the number of projects I am working on at the time, but I always work on Commissions on a "First Come, First Served" basis. Color pics will, obviously, take more time than ink or pencil pics, but most pics can be completed within a couple of weeks.


Payment must be recieved before the image is released to the client. Payment online is preferred, I will give you further details on payment options when we speak via email.

Cost Guidelines

    Black and White Pics

  • Sketch: Example - Rough sketches done in pencil.
    Cost: $5 per character
  • Detailed Pencils (NOT A SKETCH): Example - These are detailed pencil drawings brought up from a sketch and fully rendered.
    Cost: $10 per character
  • Detailed Inks: Example - Detailed and fully rendered inks.
    Cost: $15 per character
  • Digital Inks: Example - Detailed and fully rendered inks.
    Cost: $15 per character
  • Simple Inks: Example - A more simplified and less rendered inking style, more like cartoons and general animation styles
    Cost: $10 per character

  • ADD Colors or Shading
    An additional fee to add Colors or Shading to inked images

  • Basic Grayscale Shading: Example - This is only available for inked pictures. Grayscale shading for a black and white picture
    Cost: +$5 per character
  • Standard Coloring in Photoshop: Example - This is only available for inked pictures. Full coloring with multi-toned shading and highlights.
    Cost: +$10 per character
  • Simple Coloring in Photoshop: Example - This is only available for inked pictures. Flat colors with simple shading.
    Cost: +$7 per character

  • Add a Setting or Background

  • Flat Color or Gradient Background: Example - Free
  • Simple background, no real detail: Example - Add +$5
  • Complex background: Example - Add +$10 or more for more, depending on complexity

  • Partial Characters and sex toys - If you want to add in only partial characters, these won't cost as much as adding an addtional character. A common example would be adding a penis for a woman to be sucking for a blowjob, or a cock or dildo being inserted. These can be added for free, as long as they are not too complex. However, if you wish for these to be shown with a signifigant portion of an addtional character in the picture, a fraction of the cost for an additional character may be added.
  • The Semi-No No's - If you wish to have a pic involving one of the Semi-No No's listed above this will add an additional fee to any picture, based on what is being asked for. Think of this as a "the artist doesn't particularly want to draw this" tax. :)
  • Other Stuff - I may charge a bit extra if you include particularly complicated items in your request. For instance, if you want some sort of sex machine that I have to design from scratch and is complex to draw. We can discuss these things in more detail via email.

  • Comic Pages
    Comic Commissions are no longer available at this time

The Process

Below is a list of exactly how the commission process from request to delivery of the picture will occur.

The Steps
  • Step 1 - The Request. Using the guidelines above, use the form at the bottom of the page to submit a request. You must submit a valid email address! This is crucial to the entire process. Again, be descriptive.
  • Step 2 - Email. I will contact you via email and quote a price based on the above guidelines. After I give you a price you will reply and let me know if this price is acceptable. I will then let you know a rough time frame you should expect to see your picture finished. You will also need to provide any reference materials needed for this project.
  • Step 3 - The Payment. Once you are satisfied with the rough work, I will begin the process of actually producing the final image. I will give you specific information via email about paying. First time clients must make at least partial payment before any work begins
  • Step 4 - The Rough Sketch. I will send you a low-resolution, rough sketch of your request via e-mail and we will work out any changes or other details that need to be added/removed.
  • Step 5 - Your Final Product. With your payment cleared, your final project will be finished and I will send you a high resolution version of the final image via email, or make it available to download if the file is too large for your email account. I will not mail out originals at this time. There may be exceptions to this in the future upon request. At this time, if you wish I will also post a smaller version of the picture on my website.
Commissions Status: CLOSED